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集盛農場配合台湾政府的新南向政策, 在 JOHOR BAHRU MACHAP 的交流道附近, 利用台灣台鼎三層溫室設備及栽培技術設立哈密瓜及台灣農產品專區.   

農場自 2017 年3月開始, 利用台灣先進的農業技術栽培, 已經得到豐碩的成果及客戶的喜愛, 並有馬國的官員及國會議員的參觀訪問, 對我們的哈密瓜讚賞有加.  

In conjunction with the New South policy of the Taiwan government, Jisheng Farm chose JOHOR BAHRU MACHAP as the conduit for the interchange. Jisheng Farm use the three-layer temperature room in Taiwan to design and cultivate technical installations and Taiwan agricultural products.

Since the beginning of March 2017, with the use of Taiwan's advanced agricultural technology cultivation, the farm has gained the fruits of mastery and the love of its customers, as well as the visits of officials and members of the country, and praised our cantaloupe.

We Plant Various Fruits and Vegetables.

在马来西亚也能吃到新鲜又可口的台湾水果,     目前有栽种台湾水果,如:哈密瓜,蜜棗,木瓜,芭樂,芒果,釋迦,小蕃茄,栗子金瓜,白玉苦瓜等。全部是高品質無毒農產品, 買得放心, 吃得安心的送禮佳品, 並引進先進技術, 利用低溫奈米技術烘乾, 製成果乾,香甜可口, 吃了還想再吃, 保持水果原味.

同時我們也和台灣農業科技研究院, 結合成立馬來西亞台灣農業推廣中心, 引進台灣先進農業技術及農業資材, 來為馬來西亞農業提供良好的資訊及服務.

In Malaysia can also eat fresh and delicious Taiwanese fruit, there are currently planted Taiwanese fruits, such as: cantaloupe, candied dates, papaya, guava, mango, custard apple, small tomato, chestnut gourd, and white jade bitter gourd and so on. All are high-quality non-toxic agricultural products, buy with confidence, eat at ease to eat healthy, it can also be regarded as a gift.

And lead to the first technology, the use of low-temperature nanotechnology drying, manufacturing results dry, to maintain the original flavor of fruit. Sweet and delicious, eat and want to eat again.

Lastly, we also joined the Taiwan Institute of Agricultural Science and technology in the establishment of the MA on-Taiwan Agricultural and industrial hub, which led to the introduction of Taiwan's first agricultural technology and agricultural resources to provide good ICT and services to the agricultural agriculture of Malaysia.